Rainbow Gathering in La Paz, Baja CA, Dec 2008

A thousand miles south of San Diego on the Sea of Cortez side of Baja California on a sandy beach far away from any civilization a beautiful group of people from every corner of the Earth chose to gather and celebrate Peace, Love and Unity.  During a month-long period a few hundred people must have come through and at any point there were 60-100 people present at the site.

The gathering was organized by an old Rainbow Family member who goes by the name Rainbow Hawk. His RV-like mobile was always welcoming to anyone and he never failed to have a smile and maybe even some coffee. His call was heard far and wide and around the campfires at night one could hear conversations in Hebrew, Japanese, Dutch, German, French, Russian, Spanish and English. Along with being fun and educational the wonderfully eclectic mix of world travelers provided for great subjects for photography as well.

We spent our time sharing stories and singing around a fire, swimming, going to yoga and massage workshops and visiting the local mud pits for some rejuvenating mudding. The communal kitchen was always making something fresh and healthy and the ovens were fired up at night for pizza parties and in the day time for dinner rolls. Nobody wanted to leave, but we all knew that we must take the light of that place onward to our next adventures.

Happy trails to all, may we meet again soon.