These works translate my personal associations that strike me in daily life. Objects that may seem unrelated often strike me as having similarities or hidden relationships. I find inspiration in the minute details that are provided by the infinite variety of this existence and the intricate web of reality that connects them all.

In the spring of 2000 I was working in La Jolla at Bob Davis Camera, a family-run camera shop. There I got my first taste of Rolleiflex TLR system. At one time I also came in possession of ten rolls of 120 slide film which were about to be thrown away. Determined to rescue them from oblivion I loaded my Rollei and went to the Kobe’s swap meet next to the San Diego Sports Arena. I spent many Saturdays there wandering the isles and combining subject directly in the camera using the multiple exposure technique. Later, a professional lab printed these images under my supervision in edition of three each on 16×20 Fuji Crystal Archive R paper.

At the time I was also attending Palomar College and taking an advanced color printing course where, to further this body of work, I produced a series of 16×20 C-prints using multiple negatives for each print. I combined black and white positives and negatives in accordance to subject matter as it related in my mind. Three prints were manually produced from each combination.

Anton Orlov