This gallery presents a selection of prints I produced upon my return. The 30x30in full frame images are printed in edition of 1 each (except for “Lake Atitlan”, of which 2 prints were made) on Foma creme base paper which went out of production shortly afterward. The surface is rich and textured reminiscent of old silver emulsions of mid 20th century. These prints have been exhibited in San Francisco by the Red Gallery in 2007. The prints are currently available through

The Story:

In the summer of 2006 I was lucky enough to visit Guatemala for a month. Equipped with three Rolleiflex TLR cameras and about 60 rolls of film I traveled about that beautiful country in awe of it’s people and traditions. It’s turbulent history combined with the beautiful scenery and enriched by the kindness of the people make Guatemala stand out as one of the top destinations I have ever visited.

Immediately upon my arrival I noticed the kindness and acceptance of the people of Guatemala. Everywhere I went I was greeted with a smile and a helping hand (and as someone who does not speak Spanish I needed that hand a lot). Every time I observed the local people interacting among themselves I saw joy and understanding. Among the ancient ruins I saw farmers planing rice and in the village below I heard the constant clapping of women’s hands as they were making tortillas from that rice. Life of the people seemed to be undisturbed and unchanged by the centuries of conquest, conflict and turmoil. That is why I chose to concentrate my documentary efforts on the inhabitants of Guatemala rather than Mayan architecture or scenery, which commend attention on their own. While photographing I found a level of candor which I rarely saw before or since and I always felt welcomed and accepted.