In 206-2007 I spent 10 living in Japan on the southern island of Kyushu. It was a very different experience the taught me a lot and I m grateful for the opportunity to have done that. During my time there I spent three moth teaching English to children and the rest of the time I was traveling around Japan taking photographs.

The structure  and operation of the Japanese society was very different from the types cultures that I was used to seeing. The great politeness and eagerness to serve that was evident on the surface was underlined by a society that was very secluded and private. People seemed isolated and withdrawn. Interactions seemed limited to direct business and I felt more isolated than ever before in my life, especially due to my lack of knowledge Japanese language.

Presented here are some works that reflect me experiences in that country. Photographing there was difficult as people on the island where I lived were more provincial and camera-shy. I found an atmosphere more conducive to image-making on the rare occasions that I visited Tokyo or other bigger cities.  Upon my return to the US from Japan I had over 90 rolls of 120 film and going back through those after development was exciting and brought back the many special memories generated there.

Anton Orlov.