There is nothing in the world as exciting to me as making a silver print. The magic of the image appearing in my presence has gripped me since I first experienced it at the age of 12. Since then I have spent countless nights in the amber glow of a darkroom light. I look forward to mixing up my next batch of fresh developer be it for a contact sheet from a roll taken thousands of miles away or an eight foot mural print.

In this gallery I will exhibit works that were not made as a part of a larger conceptual body but rather exhibit my personal relationship with black and white photography as an art form in itself. The image-making here is guided by light and situations that demand certain final rendition. I act as a medium in the translation and solidification of that moment in time. From the moment that the image is latent on film upon the closure of the shutter, eternity merges with art.

For me the final print is an entity in it’s own right and the 72dpi version in front of you is but a mere shadow of that vibrant being. Please feel free to contact me for a private viewing or to find out about upcoming shows.

Anton Orlov