In February of 2008 photo enthusiasts all over the word were saddened to find out the the Polaroid corporation was shutting down it’s production line. The many films still available at that time were now reduced to being available until the supplies ran out. This signaled the end of the half-century old tradition of Polaroid images as we know it. At present there are plans made by a private group to fire up the machines again for a limited edition run in 2010, but that is uncertain.

I have always been fond of working with Polaroid images.  Starting with the mystery of the SX-70 manipulation, to transfers and lifts – the hands-on experience which Polaroid present always intrigued me. However the esthetic of a simple un-manipulated Polaroid 600 image is something that eluded me until recently. After the news of Polaroid’s demise came roaring through the art world I decided to try my hand at this film while it was still to be found. From the first pack that I exposed in my modified SX-70 camera I realized what I have been missing.

The images have a very unique pallet which can be manipulated to create an overall hue of certain value. The aberration of the lenses on Polaroid cameras is also something that adds to the etherial quality of some of the imagery. Beyond that, the simple joy of instant art creation can be translated easily in the Polaroid image as it’ comes into existence in the presence of al the elements which contributed to it’s conception. In a creation of a Polaroid there is even less room for mistakes than in some other photographic techniques, and that challenge in itself makes working with instant images that much more exciting for me.

The images presented here are much bigger than the original 3x3in Polaroid, some of the detail have been obscured or distorted due to interpolation. Please feel free to contact me to schedule a private viewing. High quality enlargements can also be ordered.

Anton Orlov.